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What clothes do you wear to a funeral?

Are you sadly having a funeral or cremation? It is important to dress respectfully to a funeral.

Funeral & cremation clothing for men

It is important to show that your outfit has been chosen with care. Usually, people wear neat, inconspicuous clothes in dark colours at a funeral. A suit with a shirt underneath is always a good choice.


Dark suit:

A dark suit is usually the most appropriate choice for a funeral. Black, dark blue or dark grey are appropriate colours. Make sure the suit fits well and is well cared for.



Wear a white, light blue or black shirt. Choose a formal plain shirt with no patterns or bright colours.



A discreet tie in a dark colour goes well with the suit and shirt. Avoid bright colours or striking patterns.



Wear neat polished dark shoes that go well with the suit.



Wear dark socks that match your trousers. Avoid bright or eye-catching socks.



Keep the use of accessories to a minimum. A watch and possibly a cufflink can be worn.


General maintenance:

Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, and that you look groomed.

Tips & Inspiration

  • Not into shirts? You can also wear a neat plain polo shirt.

  • Wear plain clothes. Avoid prints, patterns or bright colours.

  • Is the funeral not formal? Then jeans are fine. Wear a dark model without washes or rips.

  • Wear neat shoes.

Any doubts?

Not sure how formal a funeral is? If so, always opt for the neater option. You can also ask the family or other guests. They can probably point you in a certain direction, so you can be sure you are making the right choice and not feel uncomfortable during the funeral.