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Clothing advice for a job interview

Making first impressions: you don't get a second chance to do that!

A job interview is a crucial step in getting your dream job, and it is important to make the right impression. While preparing for the questions you will be asked and perfecting your answers, it is also essential to think about what to wear. Your appearance can have a big impact on the first impression you leave with a potential employer. In this article, we will discuss which garments are suitable for men during a job interview and how to look confident and professional.


The perfect outfit

The right clothes make a big impact when it comes to your job interview. You don't always have to arrive in a suit, as long as you dress carefully and your outfit suits the company. You can't miss the mark with a shirt.

The colour of your clothes is also important. For instance, blue represents calmness and confidence, while black exudes authority. Want to give your outfit a bit more colour? Shades of red represent strength and confidence, while dark green accents and white exude trustworthiness.


Feel comfortable

Feel comfortable during the interview. For example, go for trousers, shirts with stretch and match jacket. Don't need a suit? Then you can opt for trousers with a shirt. Think about the details. Wear a neat belt and matching shoes.


Appear well-groomed. Leave clothes with wrinkles or holes in them at home. Also, run a clothes roller over your jacket, for example. Tears, stains or creases can look unkempt and therefore give the wrong first impression. Wear breathable clothes to avoid sweat patches and unpleasant odours. Wear what you feel comfortable in. Is a shirt or jacket not really your thing? Then go for one with stretch.

Any doubts?

Still not sure what you want to wear at your job interview? Check the company's social media and website, for example, and take a good look at what is worn in the workplace. Do wear an outfit for your interview that is just a little bit neater than what is worn in the workplace. You can also chat to us for personal advice.