Our vision

Vercate is a Dutch founded men's fashion brand. Quality in combination with wearing comfort is our number one priority


Our story

It all started with a vision. The Dutch fashion brand was founded in 2019 by two friends with a mission. What started in a bedroom has developed into a full-fledged company, also the mission has never changed. Our mission is to create stylish clothing for men. Made of extremely high quality but at a fair price. What we think is important is sustainability. It is important that our products are not only comfortable but also that our clothing lasts for a longer time and is produced sustainably. Today, we continue to develop products and expand our collections.
Wat wij belangrijk vinden aan onze producten is duurzaamheid. Het is belangrijk dat onze producten niet alleen comfortabel zitten maar ook dat het overhemd een langere tijd meegaat. Een duurzaan geproduceerd overhemd, gecreëerd om onze bijdrage te leveren



What we find important about our products is durability. It is important that our products are not only comfortable but also that the product lasts longer. A sustainably produced garment, created to make our contribution to a better world.



Every part of our products is Oeko-Tex 100 certified. The fabric, buttons, interlining and thread. Textiles that are produced without this certificate may contain harmful substances that are bad for the environment or the body. This is a very important certificate. We only want to supply our customers with the best fabrics that have been produced according to strict requirements. So no harmful substances and also environmentally friendly.

Vercate is OEKOE-TEX 100 gecertificeerd. Elk onderdeel van onze overhemden is Oeko-Tex 100 gecertificeerd.